What Happened To Truthfully Trisha? Where Is She Now? 

Truthfully Trisha did not stop her live streaming spree despite being on Dr. Phil.

After being counseled and taking feedback from the audience, Trish continued her live streaming habit.

Moreover, many netizens have complained about her constant live streaming traits.

Initially, she was invited to Dr. Phil due to the same problem.

Her husband and family feared that her excessive time spent on live streaming was harming her and the family's privacy.

Aside from that, Trisha had gone on to continue her self-proclaimed mental health issues. Instead of listening to everyone, she went on to continue her habit.

Likewise, Trisha currently enjoys a whopping 45k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Her YouTube channel was already called a problem to her family when she started at 2k subscribers at the Dr.Phil show.

Truthfully Trisha channel has grown a lot so has Trisha's streaming routine.

She streams from her home and continues to do it for many hours, non-stop.

Truthfully Trisha Wikipedia and Age Explored

Truthfully Trisha's current age falls around her 50s by scanning through her pictures.

Meanwhile, the complete insiders into her birth date are still into consideration.

When she started YouTube, she was a mom who vlogged her way out of depression.

She took YouTube as a way of therapy by talking and interacting with others when she felt no one helped her.

After her fame on Dr. Phil, Trisha has vented that her time on the show was scripted and shown from an angle where she was the bad guy.

Thus, she is bouncing back in her life, hoping to overcome her mental health breakouts.

Who Is Truthfully Trisha Husband?

Truthfully Trisha's husband is Sean. The couple also shares children from their marriage.

Sean was interactive on the Dr. Phil show, hoping to make Trisha understand her actions.

Meanwhile, he has not opted to be a part of Trisha's live streaming even today.

It clearly shows that Sean is still not okay with his wife's live streaming addiction.

Truthfully Trisha Net Worth 2022 Revealed

Trisha has not disclosed her net worth figures as of 2022.

Aside from her YouTube revenue, information about her other sources of income are still under review.