Youtuber Bradley Martyn's Net Worth

It is reported that Youtuber Bradley Martyn's net worth as of May of 2022 is $3 million as per Bio Overview.

The famous fitness guru has dabbled in many fields to have a high net worth. As a YouTuber, Bradley has 3.02 million subscribers and gains decent views on his videos.

Apart from being a fitness YouTuber, Martyn is also the Founder and CEO of the Zoo Culture Gym. 

Also, the fitness guru has appeared on some TV shows like 'Boo! A Medea Halloween' and 'Caught.'

How Much Does Bradley Earn? Salary & Earnings Estimated

With a net worth of $3 million, we can say that Bradley is one of the top fitness YouTubers in the United States. 

Bradley does not have to worry about his finances with over 3 million subscribers and a huge fan following on his social media.

The fitness YouTuber is estimated to have a monthly salary of over $25000 and an annual salary of $300,000. 

His personally owned gym, The Zoo Culture gym, has memberships starting from $60 to $1080. 

Apart from the gym memberships, Bradly Martyn also has Raw Gear's fitness apparel brand.

Bradley Martyn Early Life

The fitness guru Bradley Martin was born in California, United States, on May 22, 1989. Hence, he is a 33-year-old Gemini American fitness guru on youtube.

Martin grew up in his hometown, attending a local school there. However, at an early age, he was exposed to the traumatic event of his father committing suicide.

Getting through this traumatic event, he grew closer to his mother. At the age of 15, the fitness guru found his love for working out. 

Fitness Youtuber Bradley Martyn
Fitness Youtuber Bradley Martyn

Following his love for fitness and working out, Bradley launched his training program in 2006, where he started his journey in the world of fitness.

Bradley Martin Achievements  

Bradley may seem like someone who likes talking about fitness and making videos on youtube. However, the YouTuber has won some significant championships before his youtube days.

In 2011, Bradley won the NPC Southern California Championships and the NPC USA Championships. Also, the following year, he ranked 10 in the NPC USA Championships.

He also won the NPC Phil Health Classic Championship and ranked 8th in the NPC USA Championships in 2013. 

Bradley was serious about bodybuilding and fitness and is now helping others achieve the same feat.

Bradley Martyn Brand Endorsements

Bradley is a great catch for brand endorsements with such a great physique and high fan following. He has worked with many brands in the past. 

However, Bradley Martyn is mostly seen endorsing his brands. As a protein supplement brand owner, Bradley can support his Origin Supplements.

Apart from the supplements, Martyn is also seen promoting his fitness apparel 'Raw Gear' on his social media. 

The fitness YouTuber seems to be doing great with his business ventures and his youtube channel.