Who Was Jodi Gordon Married To?

Jodi Gordon and her ex-husband Braith Anasta
Jodi Gordon and her ex-husband Braith Anasta

She was previously married to the former professional rugby league football player Braith Anasta. He is currently living with his fiancée Rachel Lee. The professional football player Braith Anasta and Jodi Gordon get engaged in July 2011. After getting engaged, they tied the knot on 14 October 2012.  

After a few years of their marriage, the couple announced of expect their first child on 25 August 2013. They give birth to a daughter. 

The actress Jodi Gordon and Braith Anasta announced their separation on 11 December 2015. But their divorce was only finalized in 2017.

Even after she divorced Braith Anasta, Jodi Gordon decided to keep the married surname of Braith Anasta so that she and her daughter would have the same surname. But later in March 2020, she confirmed to go with her maiden name.

What Was the Reason For Their Divorce?

Jodi Gordon and Braith Anasta have a lot of challenges and issues in their marriages like every couple. They even try to work on their relationship and make it right. Despite their best effort, they could not make it work.

They already have a daughter and they agreed to do the trial separation for their daughter Aleeia. But nothing changed. They officially separated in 2017 after their divorce was finalized.

According to Woman’s Day online, Jodi Gordon and Braith Anasta have numerous heated arguments. In the couple's first media interviews following their highly publicized divorce in 2015, Braith revealed that Jodi had given up her job as an actress and model to be a full-time mother to their daughter Aleeia.

According to the Daily Mail, he also disclosed that their views on the number of children they should have diverged. Braith desired more children, but Jodi felt it was not right for her at that time in her life. 

Jodi Gordon’s daughter

Jodi Gordan and Braith Anasta, have an adorable daughter named Aleeia Anasta.

Aleeia Anasta is born on March 1, 2014. Currently, she is 8 years old. She lives with her mother Jodi Gordan. 

Jodi Gordan and Braith Anasta have a co-parenting partnership with daughter Aleeia. 

Jodi Gordon is properly taking care of the Aleeia. Jodi loves to spend time with her daughter.

We can see on the official Instagram account of Jodi Gordon, that Jodi keeps sharing wonderful pictures with Aleeia.