Who Stabbed Drakeo The Ruler?

Hip-hop artist Drake The Ruler was stabbed by a group of people while he was backstage during a music festival in Los Angeles.

The exact person who stabbed Drakeo The Ruler has not yet been identified, however, the detectives are trying to find out who stabbed the rapper and what happened.

A fight broke out backstage with several people and Drakeo The Ruler was the one who took the hit badly and got stabbed. Paramedics were called instantly on the scene.

Drakeo was supposed to person with various other artists such as Snoop Dog, 50 Cents, and many more. When Snoop Dog heard the news while he was in his dressing room, he chose to instantly leave the premises.

Fans who came to watch the rapper's performance are beyond devastated by the news.

Death News On Twitter

Drakeo The Ruler's death was announced on Twitter soon after.

The rapper was taken to the hospital as soon as the paramedics arrived, however, later the same night the rapper passed away with the injuries he suffered in the stabbing.

There were several people running on stage after the stabbing trying to break out a fight between several people.

We are still unaware of this attack was a personal attack targetting the rapper or he just happened to take the hit while the altercation broke out.

Police and detectives are still trying to figure out what exactly happened backstage where the rapper was fatally stabbed to his death. 

Drakeo The Ruler Real Name

Drakeo The Ruler's real name was Darrell Wayne Caldwell. The rapper was born in 1993 on December 1st in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The rapper was first recognized and discovered by DJ Mustard who remixed one of his singles called "Mr. Get Dough". The song then later premiered on WorldStar in April 2015 later became his break-out song.

Darrell also pioneered a type of music called "nervous rap" which included songs that were very cryptic and dark.

The rapper was always influenced by Hip-hop music when he was growing up and he grew up listening to Hot Boyz, Boosie, Webbie and Dispet, and many others. 

Drakeo The Ruler Net Worth

Drakeo The Ruler's estimated net worth was about $1 million. 

The rapper was at the young age of 28 and had already succeeded in releasing many hit singles and mixtapes. 

The exact salary of the rapper sits at about $250,000. His income source is mainly his career in the music industry.

Drakeo seemed to have lived comfortably before he passed away. However, his family has filed a lawsuit against the fatal stabbing and demands justice for the rapper as soon as possible. 

His family is beyond devastated to have lost him and are trying to find justice for his demise.