Who Is Tammy Slaton Boyfriend Phillip Redmond? 

Reportedly, Phillip Redmond is the boyfriend of Tammy Slaton of 1000 lb-sisters.

She is an eminent figure who featured on the TLC show, 1000 lb sisters.

Most recently, it was uncovered that Tammy started dating a man named Phillip Redmond.

She reportedly was previously in a relationship with her former partner Jerry Sykes.

The prominent 1000 lbs Sisters personality unveiled her relationship in a new teaser of the show.

Phillip Redmond started dating Tammy after meeting online a few months ago, unveiled Tammy.

He came to visit her in Kentucky regardless of being based in Las Vegas.

Tammy Slaton is exceptionally hopeful and looking forward to having a long and bright future with Redmond.

In the response, Phillip Redmond also addressed her as his soulmate on his social handle.

He didn't stop it there but, in fact, even hinted at the possibility of an engagement in the future.

Phillip Redmond Age: How Old Is He? 

Tammy Slaton's new boyfriend Phillip Redmond's age is 35 years old presently.

Whereas the web personality, Tammy shares three years of age difference with him.

Tammy is 32 years old presently, which makes her three years younger than Phillip.

BBW King Phillip Redmond Job And Bio 

Information about Phillip Redmond's job is unknown to this day to the public.

He had initially appeared on Tammy's social media with their TikTok duet on Ray J's hit single, One Wish,

Tammy captioned the video, "My wish is coming true", which prompted the netizens to know more.

Within in few weeks, Tammy was unveiled to have broken up with her previous partner Jerry.

Reportedly, Jerry was already married while they were in relation, and he was cheating on her.

They broke up after the disclosure of Tammy coming out as a pansexual.

Phillip Redmond Instagram

Phillip Redmond's Instagram goes by the username thebbwking on the public domain.

His official account has accumulated over 12.6k adherents to this very day.

Redmond's content on Instagram highly speaks in favour of body positivity, hefty girls.