Who Is Natalia Dyer Dating In 2022?

Natalia has been loyal to her lover Charlie Heaton since 2016. They both are co-stars of Stranger Things.

The Stranger Things series has been popular for up to three seasons where both Natalia and Charlie have played their respective roles as Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers and many fans of this couple are excited to see them together in the fourth season as well.

When Natalia and her lover were in a relationship for the initial months, people used to get curious about them and that would pissed off Natalia as she wanted to experience her love life first.

In 2017 Natalia and Charlie both publicized their off-screen romantic relationship towards worlds and fans loves them however in one interview Natalia said that she likes to hold things for them as she doesn't feel comfortable being open and sharing them.

Lovely couple with strong understanding.
Lovely couple with strong understanding.

What is Natalia Dyre's Relationship Status?

Talented Natalia is in a relationship at the time of 2022 as her long-time lover is Charlie Heaton.

Since Natalia got a real-life relationship with Charlie there are no rumors of Natalia dating other than Charlie and the same goes for him also.

When Natalia was asked how her relationship with Charlie is lasting longer, she gives a simple answer of understanding and respecting each other.

Natalia stated that she and her lover were colleagues at first then gradually they fell in love and became a real-life partners.

In the set of Stranger Things.
In the set of Stranger Things.

Natalia Dyer Partner: Who's Charlie Heaton?

Charlie Ross Heaton is a British actor and musician born on 6 February 1994. He started his acting career in the same year as Natalia in 2014 in a short film called Life Needs Courage.

And in 2016 Charlie was cast opposite Natalia as Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things.

According to some sources he is a father of a son named Archie with Akiko Matsuura.

Does Natalia have Disputes with her partner?

Even though Natalia and Charlie's relationship is thriving for more than five years, many have reported the false rumors of having disputes with her partner.

Denying all those rumors couple has attended many premiers and awards shows together whether it is Natalia's or Charlie's.

Natalia is appearing on and with Charlie's social media which is proof that they aren't splitting soon.

As for Charlie's son from previous, Natalia has a positive relationship with Archie.