Who Is Melissa Mclaughlin? Murder Story 

Melissa Mclaughlin is a victim of racial discrimination who was raped badly and murdered in 1992.

Melissa McLauchlin, 25, of North Charleston, South Carolina, locked herself out of her residence on December 30, 1992, while inebriated. Gardner and two other males, Matthew Carl Mack and Matthew Paul Williams, took her up as she was crossing the street towards a grocery shop. McLauchlin was kidnapped and taken back to a mobile home, where she was repeatedly raped and abused.  

After that, McLauchlin was blindfolded, shackled, and placed on the floor of a vehicle. 

McLauchlin broke free from his restraints and attempted to flee as the guys drove along a highway. Gardner then shoved her back and fired two shots into her face.  He then abandoned her body down a roadway in Dorchester County, where he killed her by shooting her three more times. 

Gardner made a New Year's Resolution to kill a white lady after seeing a TV video of police officers being acquitted in Rodney King's attack. In retaliation for 400 years of tyranny, including enslavement, the gang planned to murder a white woman. Notes were discovered that explained the motive.

Where is Joseph Gardner Today? Melissa Mclaughlin Killer Update

Joseph Gardner is no more alive and had taken his last breath on December 5, 2008.

Gardner was put to death by lethal injection at Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia, South Carolina. He was serious about not making a definitive remark.