Who Is Meteorologist Jim Flowers?

Jim Flowers is a meteorologist who has worked as a weather forecaster for almost 40 years. 

Dapper Jim Flowers has become a household name since he has been on the local TV, reporting news forecasts in Omaha, Nebraska for as long as we can remember.

Jim forecasting in KMTV
Jim forecasting in KMTV

The meteorologist has been working as a weather forecaster in Omaha since 1982. Flowers has worked for networks other than KMTV like WOWT and KETV.

Is Jim Flowers Leaving KMTV Or Is It Just A Rumor? 

There have been several rumors about Jim Flowers as he became a public personality. One of the rumors that have turned his life upside down was that of him being involved in a massage parlor raid.

Jim, to his day, denies the accusations and confirms that someone had used his familiar name. After getting through this rumor, he joined KMTV.

The mustached weather forecaster was loved by the locals. However, rumors regarding Jim leaving KMTV had been going around.

Moreover, Jim Flowers confirmed the rumors and bid his KMTV staff and his almost 40 years long career goodbye.

According to Omaha World-Herald, Flowers said that it was the perfect time to step away and start a new chapter.

Nonetheless, there are still rumors of KMTV letting go of the Jim Flowers because of his salary being too high. However, there are no confirmations regarding this rumor.

Jim Flowers Wikipedia Bio 

Jim Flowers is loved for his bright smile with the mustached look and his buttonhole flower.

Jim does not have his own Wikipedia bio but his local magazine, Omaha Magazine, did write an article about Jim giving us some idea about Jim as an individual.

The charismatic weather forecaster, Jim is married to his wife Barb. Not much information regarding his wife is provided to the public.

But it has come to our knowledge that the couple has two children. Jim and his wife are members of Mary Our Queen parish and are Catholic.

The father of two has also volunteered as a public speaker in the community and also joined the Knights of Columbus volunteer.

It seems Jim loves doing things for the betterment of his community.

Jim Flowers Age & Net Worth

Jim Flowers started his career as a meteorologist and weather forecaster in 1982 when he seemed like he was in his 20s. 

Since he has been working in the field for about 34 years and quit, we can take a wild guess that he is in his 60s currently. However, Jim has not made his age or birthdate public knowledge.

Also, Jim Flowers's net worth is not of public knowledge either. however, judging by how much a meteorologist in Omaha earns, it should be around $100,000 or more. 

Where is Jim Flowers now?

Working as a weather forecaster for over 34 years, Jim took time off his life as a forecaster on air in 2016. 

Despite not being on the local news every day as a news forecaster, Jim has not stopped being a meteorologist.

The once legendary Jim Flowers is still doing his meteorological research and giving out his forecasts to the locals through his social media page. 

Jim Flowers fishing
Jim Flowers fishing

On his Facebook page, Jim Flowers Meteorologist, Jim shares his weather forecast discoveries along with some other moments of his life and has garnered over 38,806 followers.