Heartbreak High Reboot: Chika Ikogwe Age  And Wikipedia

According to IMDb, Chika Ikogwe is an actress and writer, who might be around 30-35 years old. 

She is best known for her movies and series like  The Moth Effect (2021), Dream of a Shadow (2016), and Afro Sistahs (2018).

Chika Ikogwe will play English teacher Jojo (she/her), who "volunteers to tackle the issue head-on when the school is embroiled in controversy."

Talking about Chika's experience, she is a woman who has got many roles in many different series and is going to be a part of one of the best Heartbreak. 

The IMDb page revealed the credits she has appeared on, and she will also be the main part of the HeartBreak series. 

Who Is Chika Ikogwe Girlfriend? 

As of now, Chika Ikogwe has not revealed that if she is bisexual, so she doesn't have a girlfriend. 

But she might have a boyfriend, as she is a straight woman. 

Chika is considered an actress who is not much open to the media, but she is a woman with very good looks. 

So we can say that she might have a boyfriend, but that could be a secret relationship hidden from everybody. 

What Is Chika Ikogwe Net Worth?

As of now, details about Chika Ikogwe's net worth are secret. 

She is a woman who has worked all her life as an actress. 

Though there are not many details about her past in the media, she is a good woman according to the directors. 

So we could say that she might have a very good amount of income and net worth. 

But for now, her exact net worth might take some time to flash over the internet.  

Where Is Chika Ikogwe From? 

According to the Who.com, Chika Ikogwe is from Australia. 

Most of the cast and crew are from Australia and are considered as local Aussi Talent. 

So, it is clear that the series is going to be an Aussie show, with most of the cast from Australia.