Rumors: Who Does Clayton End Up With Rachel Recchia?

Fans of The Bachelor (season 26) are suspecting Clayton Echard to end up with Rachel Recchia. However, the news hasn't been confirmed so far.

The winner for The Bachelor's season 26 with Clayton Echard is yet to be revealed. The lead confirmed that he has found his other half on the show but he hasn't disclosed the name publicly.

As per Reality Steve reports, Clayton has shortlisted three contestants out of thirty for the final. They are Susie Evans, Rachela Recchia, and Gabby Windey.

Rachela Recchia is a flight instructor from Clermont, Florida. She is currently 25 years of age, as per her profile on The Bachelor. Most viewers of the show are suspecting she will be the winner for The Bachelor season 26.

Are Gabby Windy & Susie Evans Clayton Pick?

Clayton Echard is so excited to watch his journey with his beloved partner in the show, The Bachelor (season 26). He shared he has found love and was surprised that things worked out much different at this time.

Still, the final result of the show hasn't been uncovered to date. Moreover, fans suspected his pick will be Rachela Recchai, Gabby Windy, or Susie Evans.

As both Rachela Recchai and Susie has followed Cary Fetman on Instagram, most audiences believes the winner will be surely one of them.

Some fans speculated Susie Evans could've won Clayton as she was the first finalist among three Bachelor contestants to return to social media. On the other handle, some believe Clayton will pick Gabby Windy.

Who Is Clayton Echard On The Bachelor (season 26)?

Clayton Echard is the lead of The Bachelor season 26. Earlier, he was the contestant of Michelle Young's season of The Bachelorette (season 18).

Echard was among the eight finalists on The Bachelorette (season 18). Now, he is staring at ABC's dating reality show The Bachelor.

The audience is eager to know who he will pick in the finale of The Bachelor (season 26). Besides that, he has an account on Instagram as @claytonechard with 156k followers and 55 posts.