When will Love Island Uk come to Hulu? Release date for US Audience Explored!

When will Love Island Uk come to Hulu? Release date for US Audience Explored!

The respite of eighteen months finally came to an end as Love Island UK premiered on June 28. However, desperate US fans need to wait a bit more for it’s launch on Hulu. The COVID-19 imposed lockdown provoked the deferment of the bizarre yet, immensely popular reality show. Seasons 1-6 of the series are currently streaming on Hulu and with the release of the much awaited Season 7, fans want to know the exact release date of the show on Hulu. Don’t worry! We will let you know.

Release date on Hulu

Love Island UK will come to Hulu on July 12, 2021. The show premiered on ITV2 and ITV Hub in the UK and for US fans unable to resist watching the show, we want to tell you that VPN is a fabulous alternative to quench your thirst. The show airs on ITV but, the access to it requires an account creation. Also, the subscription for ITV costs 10$ a month. So, the choice is yours.

Effects of Covid-19 Lockdown

The absence of eighteen months has tempted viewers and the wait seems definitely worthwhile and Season 7 seems to live up to the hype and the expectations of the fans. Despite the current situation prompted by the coronavirus, the show managed to film but, not without mandatory isolation and social distancing practiced in the show. The show is filmed adhering to the government’s rule of two-meter distancing; let’s see how this change impacts the contestants. Hosted by Laura Whitmore, the show undoubtedly adds heat to the summer

Who are this Year’s Contestants?

This year’s contestants are good-looking and even more arresting than the previous six seasons. It seems that Love Island UK has made it mandatory to have good looks, voluptuous figure and robust physique to participate in the show. These are the people that will be taking your breath away on Season 7 of Long Island UK.

Ÿ Liberty Poole, 21

Ÿ Toby Aromolaran, 22

Ÿ Shannon Singh, 22

Ÿ Aaron Francis, 24

Ÿ Hugo Hammond, 24

Ÿ Jake Cornish, 24

Ÿ Chloe Burrows, 25

Ÿ Sharon Gaffka, 25

Ÿ Faye Winter, 26

ŸKazKamwi, 26

Ÿ Brad McClelland, 26

Enjoy the show!