What Is Wrong With Lamar Jackson?

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Lamar Jackson was classified 50-50 for the game after being put to the injury list on Saturday.

After missing two days, Jackson claimed he felt terrific after returning to full participation in Friday's practice.

Huntley wrapped up the diversion 26-of-36, passing for 219 yards and capture attempts. Lamar also went for 40 yards on seven shots.

The loss of Lamar was the latest challenge for the NFL's No. 2-ranked offense.

The Ravens' top two running backs and Pro Bowl left tackle suffered season-ending injuries, and top wide receiver Marquise Hollywood Brown was ruled out Saturday with a thigh injury.

Is Lamar Jackson Ill?

Lamar Jackson has been sick three times this season, including his second episode with COVID-19 at the start of training camp. He, like everyone else, is perplexed by so many sick days.

Lamar returned on Friday, completed a full practice, and stated that he felt fantastic. Then, on Saturday morning, nausea struck again, and it hadn't gone away by Sunday, prompting Tyler Huntley to take action.

Jackson sat in the Soldier Field locker room, covered in an oversized jacket, watching the game.

Lamar claimed not being able to play was extremely difficult and that it was boiling that he couldn't be there to help the offense, especially after the Miami effort.

What Illness Does Lamar Jackson Have?

After missing Sunday's Week 11 game in Chicago due to an unusual illness, Jackson is back in meetings and on the field for the Ravens, who will face the Cleveland Browns on Sunday Night Football at M&T Bank Stadium.

Jackson said on Friday that he was suffering from cold symptoms.

According to NFL Network's Stacey Dales, they continued on Saturday, stating that Jackson wasn't feeling well at the team's morning walk-through due to a sickness related to COVID.

Jackson stated that he is 120 percent confident in his ability to face the Browns and that he does not anticipate any limits in practice on Wednesday.

Midway through last week, Jackson was sent home for a few days.