Missing: What is Sabrina Prater Conspiracy?

A shocking incident about Sabrina Prater going missing has been reported from TikTok, which has shaken social media. Several conspiracy theories are coming out on different social media platforms.

Though the case is referenced as the hot topic as of now, no statement nor confirmation has been made by his close ones. 

Prater has attracted his audience with a different way of entertainment due to which everyone is very keen to get comprehensive details about him. 

Who Is Sabrina Prater? Franklin Flint As A Woman

Sabrina Prater, actual name Franklin Prater, is a well-known TikTok star, mostly popular for his dancing videos, where he cross-dress like a girl. 

His TikTok videos are all about his different ways of entertaining people, and people admire his effort. 

Sabrina, however, was banned from TikTok for a while, as in one of his live streams, he flagged sexual and nudity-related content.

Later, the TikTok star was back with a bang and started to post with a similar content pattern. 

How Old Is Sabrina Prater? Age Explored

According to his TikTok bio, Prater is currently 34 years of age. 

With a calculation from his given age, Prater was born in 1987. However, his birth month and day, on the other hand, remain unclear. 

Talking about his height, Prater stands at an average height in comparison to the surrounding objects. 

Who Are Sabrina Prater Parents?

Sabrina Prater hasn't spoken anything with reference to his parents and family on the public and media yet. 

With our calculation, we assume his parents must be in their 50s, as the TikTok star himself is in his 30s. 

At the very moment, we are unable to gather sufficient information about Sabrina Prater as he remains fairly private about his personal life. 


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