Does Everybody aware of the Suspense? Where had Jane Foster gone?

Unfortunately, in the Thanos attack, Jane Foster was also a victim and disappeared for 5 years while other characters made a comeback at the end game by reversal of infinity stones.

The waiting of Foster for her fans has been over as the official trailer of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is already out on youtube by Marvel Entertainment on May 24, 2022, where Jane will become Mighty Thor, a warrior worthy of wielding Thor’s hammer.

Millions of nut fans are waiting for the revealing of the untold story of the Space Viking, Thor Odinson.

You can’t be unheard of the relationship between Jane with Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange, an astrophysicist, worked with the team SHIELD and the Asgardian Thor. He was a professor of Theoretical Astrophysics at Culver University.

Jane Foster was a student of Doctor Strange who was Foster's dad's colleague and guided Jane in her Astro career. Doctor Strange appeared as a savior of Jane's lover Thor when he powerlessly suddenly appeared in a desert, where Strange had gone to study Thermonuclear astrophysics. 

Moreover, during Foster’s breast cancer treatment, Dr. Strange observed Jane in the hospital. With all the evidence one can easily say there was a good relationship between Jane and Dr. Strange.