What Happened To Ed Orgeron?

LSU has not officially sacked Orgeron. Instead, separation has been agreed upon by the two parties.

That agreement, however, came out of nowhere: LSU finished the COVID-19 pandemic with a poor 5-5 record after winning the national title in 2019.

The Tigers haven't fared much better in 2021, going 3-3 before beating the Gators in Baton Rouge in an upset triumph.

It was assumed that this would allow Orgeron to stay his job for at least another week, but the announcement contradicts this idea.

Since the beginning of the year, the Tigers have gone 9-8.

In a statement, Orgeron seemed to accept that he had fallen short of expectations:

According to Dellenger, the agreement derives from Orgeron and the administration's strained relationship, which includes "public and private actions," "distrust," and "outbursts."

The Athletic conducted an in-depth study into the situation at LSU, reporting that a slew of factors led to the school's decision to fire Orgeron.

According to a person close to the matter, Orgeron "lost track of who he was" after his team's 2019 championship season.

After divorcing his wife Kelly, with whom he had been married for 23 years, he reportedly became a distraction.

For example, photos of Orgeron in bed with a lady went viral in 2020; according to The Athletic, there were no moral problems to his single lifestyle, though it did interfere with his game preparation.

A high-profile Title IX inquiry into the LSU team, in which Orgeron was purportedly informed of former running back Derrius Guice sexually abusing a 74-year-old lady and doing nothing, also contributed to the decision.

Orgeron's support for former President Donald Trump, whom his Black teammates believed held racist ideals and theories, led to his dismissal from the team.

Before the 2020 season, his lack of support for player demonstrations against racial inequity and injustice did the same.

Orgeron is anticipated to be paid the remainder of his buyout at the end of the season, according to The Athletic.

Dellenger backed up the claim, citing an LSU official who indicated the coach's contract would be terminated without cause and the institution would pay a $16.95 million buyout over 18 instalments.