Were Frank Williams And Lewis Hamilton Related? 

Frank and Lewis do not have a relationship with blood. However, the two-racer have gotten connected through their passion for racing.

Previously, Lewis has shared an emotional ride with Frank. Both the driver has been known as the best talent in the history of Formula One. 

Hamilton has admired the legendary Frank and wholeheartedly praised him during the ride. Lewis believed him as the most honest person ever. 

Sharing this special moment with Frank, their fan followers must have wondered them to be related somehow. Moreover, Hamilton has also tributed Frank for his accomplishments. 

Frank Williams Illness - What Happened To Him?

Racing car driver Frank is also a renowned businessman who founded "Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited."

The charismatic person who has inspired everyone had a history of a very tragic accident. Ever since the car incident with him in 1986, Williams has used a wheelchair for support. 

The tragic event leads him to have a spinal injury making him unable to participate in racing further. It was a miracle that Frank survived such a tremendous accident. 

Additionally, he has also suffered from pneumonia and has spent most of his time in the hospital fighting against it. 

Frank Williams - Health Issues Explained

Frank has the successful career history that one could ever dream of. He is the legendary boss of F1 racing and an inspirational public figure. 

Sadly, Williams did have a history of serious injury and health issues. Back in the day, he faced a tragic accident, which not only made him unable to race, but he also had a spinal injury. 

On top of that, he also has a history of pneumonia, which he was trying to recover from. His sickness was serious enough for him to get admitted to the hospital.