Watch: How Did Wendy Moten Break Her Arms? 

Wendy Moten recently broke both her arms during her performance on The Voice on the 23rd of November. It happened during the break that she tripped off the stage over a speaker. 

The top 12 elimination was going on in the show when this Accident took place. Although this week was a challenge round, she is excused for her difficult physical condition and sings a country song, her genre. 

Wendy Moten Falling Down Accident And Injury Video

Wendy Moten's right elbow has been completely broken while there is a fracture in the left wrist. Although she has been calming her fans by telling it to be a small accident, she had to go to the hospital.

The singer appeared on the stage with casts on both her hands. She seems completely energized and optimistic despite her injured hands.


Wendy Moten Husband And Net Worth 

Wendy Moten is not officially married yet and has no husband. Her Instagram tells her closeness with David M. Santosh for the past 26 years. Similarly, she is close to Julio Iglesias, her duet partner, for 15 years. 

She lives with David and runs a home studio where they recorded all their songs during the pandemic.

Wendy Moten happens to be one of the wealthiest soul singers with a net worth of $1-USD 3 million. Beginning her career as a singer in 1990, her financial status has been pretty well because of her work consistency.

Being known as a singer for almost 30 years, she keeps no VIP attitude and entertains her audiences with free Facebook live concerts.