Victor Chaos South Park: Post COVID Part 2 Release Date

Victor Chaos' story will be unveiled in South Park: Post COVID part 2. The release date of the second volume hasn't been confirmed yet.

According to The Focus, the first part was premiered on November 25, 2021. Some of the fans have predicted that the second part of the show will be released next month.

Indeed, the show might be revealed on December 25, on Christmas Day. However, the release date is yet to be officialized.

It makes sense as South Park will celebrate their 25th anniversary on the same day. Hence, multiple reports claim that 25 might be an auspicious number for the directors to unveil the second part of the story.

Well, Part 1 of South Park: Post COVID was pretty brilliant. Everybody apart from just South Park fans have started to watch the show.

Moreover, the viewers are eager to find out everything about Victor. As of now, not even a single piece of information has been publicized about the character.

Victor Chaos In Part 1 Final Episode Explained

Victor Chaos remains mysterious in Part 1 of South Park: Post COVID. Well, he made a brief appearance in the final episode's last moments.

His presence was a hint to part 2 of this great animated show. The filmmakers have confirmed that the episodes can be streamed on Paramount in December.

During the last scene, a doctor brings dinner for the patient in the hospital who is Victor. Since then, fans of the show are trying to find out who he is.

Is Victor Chaos Professor Chaos? Find Out

Victor Chaos might or might not be Professor Chaos. We will only be able to confirm when the directors officialize it.

According to a theory, 41002-66 corresponds to Professor Chaos's first-ever episode aired on April 10, 2002. So, Paramount might have hinted that Victor might be the real name of Professor. 

Moreover, he is most probably Butters because he was not featured in the special episode. Most probably, Victor's age is above 60 years old.