Is Tua Tagvailoa Married To His Girlfriend, Dinah Jane?

The American quarterback player is not married to singer Dinah Jone. The duo confirmed they are not dating. Football fans suspected there might be something between them. 

However, both of them shut down the rumors saying they were friends. The singer also added she loves seeing Tua in action. But, there is no romantic connection between the athlete and the singer. 

Jane is the youngest member of the fifth harmony. The singer has been in a few relationships in the past. Jane dated Siope Folau in 2013, but it is when unclear when they broke up. Later on, she dated Nela Otukolo back in 2014. Shortly after, they parted ways in 2015. 

After the split, she was in a relationship with Jarryd Hane in 2015. The couple never confirmed their relationship publicly. However, there are some of their PDA-filled videos online. The singer hasn't revealed any relationships after Hane. 

As for Tua, there is no trace of him being in a relationship. Meanwhile, he enjoys fitness and going out with his friends and family. He might be secretly dating, but the athlete has never revealed anything. 

As per the recent reports, he is single. Unlike many celebrities, Tua likes to keep his personal life far from the media and fans. He hasn’t made any public comments on his relationship. 

The 23-years old athlete is currently focusing on his growing career. Back in 2019, during an interview, the athlete jokingly mentioned he wants a girlfriend who can steal a snack for him as he stays on a strict diet. 

Tua Tagvailoa Parents: Was His Father Abusive?

Tua Tagvailoa was born to his parents Diane and Galu Tagovailoa. Tua is the eldest child of the family. 

He grew up with his two sisters Taylor and Taysia, and a brother Taulia who plays for Alabama. As per him, his father was rigorous; he wasn't abusive. 

Meanwhile, he used to hit him with belts when he threw. The athlete says he is successful because of his father's discipline. 

Tua grew up in Hawaii, but his parents raised them with Samoan customs and traditions as he belongs to Samoan descent. Samoan people are indigenous Polynesian people from Samoan Island. 

Tua had a massive interest in football since a minimum age. According to the sources, he used to throw more than thirty yards passes during Pop Warner games when he was just 8. 

His inspiration was his grandfather, who always believed that Tua would become a football star one day. He considered leaving football in 2014 when he lost his grandfather. However, his father convinced him to play further to honor his grandfather. 

His father is the only left-handed in the family. Galu taught him to use his left hand though he is naturally right hand-dominant. 

No, Tua Tagvailoa Doesn't Have Any Kids

The athlete doesn't have any kids. He is not married and doesn't have any relationship history. Though he is a public figure, he has kept his life secret.