Top 10 Successful Products In Shark Tank Season 13

Shark Tank Season 13 has ended with its finale airing on May 20, 2022, with a total of 24 episodes. Let's explore those 10 successful products that are made into Season 13 of Shark Tank.

1. Soapen


Product: A soapen is one of the more innovative Season 13 products that encourage kids to wash their hands by allowing them to draw fun designs with the soap before rinsing it off. A soapen is a soap to wash hands.

Product Specification: only clean kid-friendly ingredients, non-staining, lasting for 100 washes, and portable.

Entrepreneur: Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar

Shark: Nirav Tolia

Investment: $ 100,000 for 10% equity and $ 1/unit until $200,000

Sales: $85000 in 2019

2. Max Pro Fitness

Max Pro Fitness
Max Pro Fitness

Product: Max Pro is a portable resistance band machine. 

Product Specification: versatile, portable, and adjusts up to 300 pounds. It can be used for a variety of exercises in a variety of locations.

Entrepreneur: Nezar Akeel

Shark: Mark Cuban

Investment: $500000 for 3% equity and 5% advisory shares over 5 years. 

Sales: $ 8 million 

3. HiccAway


Product: The product HiccAway is an L-shaped straw that creates the perfect amount of pressure to stop hiccups

Product Specification: cures hiccups instantly, invented by a physician and studied by research

Entrepreneur: Dr. Ali Seifi, Amanda Azarpour, Victor Feldberg

Shark: Mark Cuban

Investment: $ 250000 for 20% equity

Sales: $ 300000 over a year

4. Calm Strips

Calm strips
Calm strips

Product: Calm strips are the surface of a textured strip that helps to calm anxiety. A person can rub, scratch, touch or prick at the textured surface to help reduce anxiety and improve focus.

Product Specification: reusable, stick to most surfaces, 

Entrepreneur: Michael Malkin and Luce Fuller

Shark: Robert Herjavec

Investment:$ 250000 and $2.5/ unit until $250000 then $1.5/unit until $750000

Sales: $2.5 million

5. Diaper Dust

Diaper Dust
Diaper Dust

Product: Diaper Dust is a product that controls diaper orders even before wrapping the diaper up. It is one of the most creative products of Shark Tank Season 13.

Product Specification: no need for plastic bags, portable and perfect for travel

Entrepreneur: Regina Crisci 

Shark: Mark Cuban

Investment: $75,000 for 40% equity

Sales: $3000 

6. Behave Bras

Behave Bras
Behave Bras

Product: Behave Bras is a wireless and comfortable bra that has the Stayz Technology inside the cup that provides support to larger breasts more than an underwire bra. It is one of the Shark Tank season 13's products designed for specific markets- women with big breasts.

Product Specification: comfortable, wireless, and supportive

Entrepreneur: Athena Kasvikis

Shark: Kevin O'Leary

Investment: $150000 for 20% equity

Sales: $110000 in 18 months

7. Sunflow


Product: Sunflow is a portable easy-fold beach chair with accessory options that you need to enjoy your time at the beach.

Product Specification: portable, lightweight, and have tons of accessories that are required to enjoy on the beach. 

Entrepreneur: Greg Besner and Leslie Hsu

Shark: Kevin O' Leary

Investment: $ 1 million for 5% equity and $ 5 per chair royalty until $ 1 million recouped

Sales: $2.9 million sales in 13.5 months

8. CupBob


Product: CupBob is a Korean barbecue restaurant that serves BBQ in a cup.

Product Specification: quick service, best food product

Entrepreneurs: Jung Song and Dok Kwon

Shark: Mark Cuban

Investment: $ 1 million for 5% equity

Sales: $18.7 million

9. Browndages


Product: Browndages are inclusive, flesh-tone bandages that match all shades of skin. This is one of the best products of Shark Tank season 13.

Product Specification: comfortable to use, found in five different inclusive colors

Entrepreneurs: Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi

Shark: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner

Investment: $100000 for 25% equity and a $75000 line of credit

Sales: $135000 in 2020

10. SwiftPaws


Product: SwiftPaws is a professional and home lure coursing equipment for dogs that can help train dogs in the sport. It is one of the most successful Season 13 products in the pet niche.

Product Specification: easier for dogs to adapt

Entrepreneur: Meghan Wolfgram

Shark: Lori Greiner

Investment: $240000for 6% equity

Sales: $1.5 million

Is Shark Tank Season 14 Cancelled?

Shark Tank Season 14 has been renewed on the alphabet networks and will premiere with a "Live" episode.

The new season will debut on September 23, 2022.

Over the years, the Shark Tank stage has seen many great ideas and also a lot of rags. No doubt, there is still room for new ideas.