How Old Was Big Chubby When He Died?

Based on Leicester, England, Big Chubby was 38 years old when he died last Wednesday.

The TikTok star was born in 1983.

Big Chubby TikTok Death Explained

Big Chubby passed away last Wednesday morning on the 24th of November, 2021.

The TikTok star had a massive 617 K followers and 16.6 M likes on TikTok.

He also had an Instagram account where he posted videos and photos of his day-to-day life. The account is under the username and has 22.6 K followers.

Currently, the TikTok account seems to have been deleted, and his Instagram is also made private.

Has Big Chubby Died Or Still Alive?

Sadly enough, Big Chubby has been announced dead by his mother and partner. They uploaded a TikTok video in which they explained when he died and how it happened.

"Hi, it's taken us a long time to do this video, but from myself and Wayne's mum, we want to inform you that Big Chubby has passed away." as was stated by Big Chubby's partner in one TikTok video, which was uploaded via Big Chubby's account on the 26th of November, 2021.

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The death of the Big Chubby is still a mystery to all. 

Big Chubby Pleurisy Cause Of Death

The cause of the death of Big Chubby is identified to be Pleurisy.

In medical terms, Pleurisy refers to the condition in which two large, thin layers of tissue known as pleura that separate the lungs from chest walls become inflamed. It is caused due to the infections caused by various microorganisms.

Big Chubby had been admitted to a hospital for a long time because he was having extreme pain while breathing. After there was no recession of the pain, it was confirmed that he had been suffering from Pleurisy.

Details on where he was admitted and at what time he passed away are still not known.

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