Simon Callow and Sebastian Fox: Where Are The Couple Living Now?

Simon Callow tied the wedding knot with Sebastian Fox in June 2016 somewhere on an island in Greece. And since the two have been living happily in the private residence of Simon in London. 

Besides, there has not been much information out there regarding their relationship. The couple has remained pretty mum about sharing their love life with the media so far. 

Thus, we are unaware of where and when the two became a thing. It was only in 2016 when the pair announced their wedding plan, that we learned about the romance between the two.

Back in the day, homosexuality was not considered as lightly as people take it today. It was the braveness of Simon as he publicly announced his homosexuality in 1984 and was among the pioneer actors to do so.

Despite formerly defying the paragon of homosexual marriage, the 67-year-old movie and theater legend has had a rabid alteration of heart.

Who is Simon Callow partner Sebastian Fox?

Sebastian Fox is professionally a manager, policy maker and management consultant. He has worked in many companies and has been able to gather a remarkable net worth of around $1 million.

Born on June 15, 1984, the 37 years old is thirty-five years younger than his other half, Simon Callow. It has been quite some time since the two stayed in a homosexual relationship which later turned into a holy grail of marriage in 2016.

Sebastian was born in Germany and held German nationality. The rest of the details regarding his early life have not surfaced on the internet. Similarly, we have no grasp on our family background of Fox either.

Sebastian Fox on social media: Is Sebastian Fox active on Twitter?

The 37-year-old English management consultant was very active on Twitter until 2016. However, there has been not a single post on his official Twitter account @SebastianFoxUK since his last tweet on July 19, 2016.

Moreover, his account has only managed to land 35 followers. Besides, his bio perfectly depicts his profession as a policy maker.

It says, “Management Consultant. Better policy = better politics. Views are my own.”

Unfortunately, we are unable to locate his presence on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. He is living completely off the grid.