Who Is Semmie Lee Williams?

Semmie Lee Williams is a homeless drifter who got arrested for Ryan Rogers' murder.

On 15 November 2021, the 14-year-old boy went for a bike ride but never returned. His dead body was on Central Boulevard, near the Interstate 95 overpass in Palm Beach Garden. Police chief Clinton Shannon then identified the killer as Semmie and said he stabbed the victim to death.

The police caught him after they found his DNA at the murder scene. Reports say that Wiliams had a green backpack that contained a bandana stained with blood. Tests showed that the stain had DNA profiles of both the victim and the defender.

In Semmie's YouTube videos, he often talks about disturbing conspiracy theories. The videos also became valuable evidence as they put him in the area around the time of the murder. 

And with the help of the same videos, investigators tracked him down to Miami on Friday. As he committed to a hospital under Florida's Baker Act., the police only arrested him Wednesday.

Although he has a lot of criminal history, there isn't much about him online including, his educational qualifications, professional background, and family. It is the same for his social media presence on platforms like Instagram. Nevertheless, we know that his age is 39 years. 

Semmie Lee Williams Charges And Motive

As for Semmie Lee Williams' motive for the murder of Ryan Rogers, there wasn't one. It was a random act of violence.

Police said that he had no connections to Palm Beach County, and a dangerous monster stabbed the teen to death. Police chief Shannon described it as the Dwyer High School student having a chance encounter with a violent criminal.

After the incident, Semmie got arrested and charged with first-degree murder with a weapon. He makes his first court appearance at 10 a.m. on Thursday. There is a possibility of him serving life imprisonment with no parole or even the death penalty for the charges.

Semmie Lee Williams Wife

Regarding Semmie Lee Willaims' wife, it remains a mystery.

We don't even know if the homeless drifter was married or not. However, his criminal records show that he faced domestic violence charges two times, in 2004 at Stanford and 2005 at Seminole County.