Darrel Caldwell Stabbed To Death: Murder Case Update

Darrel was in a concert in Los Angeles when this incident took place. The rapper was backstage, and at around 8:30 pm, he got stabbed in his neck. 

He was stabbed multiple times. According to his mother and some eyewitness, some 40 to 60 men in masks came. A fight broke out on the main stage. His brother and other crew members were also attacked.

He was then transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition at around 8:40 pm.  As a result of the wounds on his neck, he could not survive and was pronounced dead at around midnight on 19 December 2021.

The Los Angeles Police is investigating the murder case but no one has got arrested.

The incident was reported to the California Highway Patrol, saying an individual was seriously injured in the concert and was immediately taken to hospital and declared dead. The name of the injured person was not mentioned in the report.

After the incident took place, his mother had sued Live Nation for negligence from the venue and lacking security measures from the staff.

Darrel Caldwell Stabbed Video On Reddit

There is no such video of Darrel Caldwell on Reddit. Fans and the entertainment industry were saddened by his sudden death.

They had given a tribute to the late rapper. The artists like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa had paid condolence to Caldwell's family and prayed for the departed soul.

Snoop Dogg had posted a message on his Instagram and said he is praying for peace in hip hop and for those who were caught in the tragedy.

Snoop Dogg and other artists were scheduled to perform in the concert but the event was canceled.