Rapper Drakeo The Ruler Stabbed To Death

Rapper Drakeo The Ruler was murdered last December after a group of masked people stabbed him in his neck multiple times at a concert backstage.

Drakeo was stabbed backstage at the Once Upon a Time In LA festival on December 19, 2021, at about 8:30 p.m. He was stabbed in the neck with a knife. Darrylene Corniel, his mother, later revealed that his brother and his entourage were attacked by 40 to 60 guys wearing masks.

The murder case is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department, but no one has been apprehended.

The California Highway Patrol was notified of the event, which stated that one person was critically hurt during the concert and was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The injured person's name was not mentioned in the report.

His mother filed a lawsuit against Live Nation after the incident, alleging negligence on the part of the venue and a lack of security measures on the part of the employees.

Rapper Drakeo The Ruler Age

Rapper Drakeo The Ruler was of 28 years of age when he breathed his last.

He was born on December 1, 1993, in California and was raised by a single mother in the South Los Angeles region. His mother was a preschool teacher in the past.

He began making music when he was in high school. He used to collaborate with his brother, Ralfy The Plug, who was also a rapper like him.

Drakeo also did some jail time. He was arrested in 2017, for being convicted of murder but was released after three years, after reaching a plea agreement.

Born and raised on the West Coast, he was affiliated with gangs and crimes from an early age.

Did He Die At LA Concert? On The Spot?

Drakeo The Ruler was pronounced dead in the hospital after he succumbed to his wounds.

At about 8:40 p.m., paramedics arrived on the incident scene. He was then rushed to the hospital in critical condition but was reported dead from his wounds after midnight on December 19, 2021.

The doctors and surgeons could not do much, as his wounds were multiple and deep. Unfortunately, he could not be revived.

Snoop Dogg, YG, 50 Cent, and Ice Cube were supposed to perform, however, their performances were canceled. The event itself was quickly canceled following that, as the situation was chaotic backstage.