How we collect Information

100percentbest collects information about celebrity web browser and IP address to improve the user experience. When a user visits our site, its page content or any resource within our site, a cookie are downloaded to the device. A cookie is a file that stores client’s information. The information is only collected for the purpose of traffic analysis on our site. The cookie file does not contain any Personal Information about the user.

100percentbest contains different social networking sites, traffic monitoring tools, advertisement and other tools for data analysis.

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring helps us identifying the exact number of traffic on our site. Monitoring traffic, we use Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics helps us to collect visitors data and analyze traffic on our site. All these activities are conducted in order to improve the user experience. Google doesn’t sell such information to any third parties for data mining or marketing purpose. You can check Google privacy policy visiting this link


100percent uses third-party ads for the purpose of advertisement. These third-party ads help to promote others products and services with the help of our site. These third-party ads collect visitor information to display appropriate ads. You may check their respective privacy policies through these links.