Learn about Pearlish Vtuber Wikipedia 

Few websites such as Celebrilla have posted information regarding recent new activities of Pearlish. However, there is no vast information posted about Pearlish on Wikipedia.

Pearlish has kept her real identity and her relationships private to this date. She is assumed to be a young girl.

She is often known for her live streams while playing and drawing different illustrations. 

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Pearlish Age:

Until now, there has been no information about her date of birth, birthplace, and the place she grew up. Pearlish has kept her general information very private.

She is only seen talking about her streams and has never posted her identity information. 

Pearlish Vtuber Real Name & Face Reveal

She has not revealed her real face and real name to the public yet.

She is often seen using Pearlish as her identity name on different social media platforms.

We are yet to figure out how the word of Pearlish showing her face got out, as no comparable incidents have occurred.

Pearlish started live streaming at a young age and has been actively streaming for the past few months and is recently gaining alot of followers and viewers.

She is mostly seen playing Among Us, Tabletop RPGs, and she is also seen doing live drawing sessions on her Twitch account @heliumpearl. Pearlish has around 1.3 thousand followers on her Twitch account.

She also has her own Twitter with the name @heliumpearl, where she often posts information about her streams, new avatars, fanarts and updates relating to it. 

Pearlish joined Instagram not long ago, on her Instagram @heliumpearl has posted her illustrated drawings and she is not much active in her Instagram account compared to other platforms.

Pearlish is not only famous for playing video games but she is also well known for he artistic skills. She is constantly seen posting about her illustration and arts.

Meet Her Boyfriend

Pearlish has not revealed her relationship with anyone until now. Many assumed she is a young girl and do not have any relationships with anyone.

She is also seen focusing mostly on her live streaming tasks, playing video games, drawing illustrations, and so on. Since she keeps herself busy with these tasks, she might not have enough time for relationships and other things.

Meet Her Parents

Information regarding Pearlish's parents has not been revealed on any sites or on her accounts. She has kept her personal away from public.