Nilou Motamed Personal Life Uncovered: Who is she married to?

Nilou Motamed, aged 47, is happily married to her lifelong boyfriend, Peter Jon Lindberg. 

According to her Wikipedia page, Peter Jon Lindberg and Nilou Motamed met while they were Travel + Leisure employees. Peter was a magazine journalist at that time, and Nilou was an associate editor. 

Although there has been no record of the precise date of their first date and wedding date, rumors suggest that they two hit off right after they started working there in the year 2000. Travel + Leisure have been a blessing for the couple, and their marriage has been near perfect so far, with no signs of a breach between them. 

Nilou with her husband Peter
Nilou with her husband Peter

Nilou Motamed Wikipedia Biography

The first line of Nilou Motamed Wikipedia writes, "Nilou Motamed is an Iranian-born American magazine editor and television personality."

Nilou Motamed
Nilou Motamed ( Source : static01 )

However, her date of birth is not mentioned anywhere on the page. Thus, we have no clue how old she is and when Motamed celebrates her birthday. Besides, a website has written she was born in the year 1971, which makes her 47 years of age. 

Motamed is a native of Tehran Province of Iran. She spent most of her early life there before her family fled to France amid the Iranian (Islamic) Revolution. Later, she shifted to New York, USA, during her teenage and grew up there. Motamed holds a dual degree in Philosophy and Political Science.

Nilou Motamed
Nilou Motamed ( Source : static01 )

Speaking of her ethnicity and nationality, Motamed is of Iranic descent. And as an Iran-born, she has Iranian nationality in addition to American nationality because she has been living in the US since her early teen.

Moreover, the tv personality is comfortable speaking four languages, mainly Persian, English, Spanish and French. 


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How much is Nilou Motamed Net Worth?

Nilou Motamed is having a dream career and is enjoying an impressive net worth of $1 million as of 2022.

According to various websites, her remarkable career in food and delicacy has helped her amass such a note-worthy net worth. She has been working as a television personality and a senior magazine editor of Food & Wine since 2016.

However, there seems to be a contrast in her actual net worth, as many other websites have vastly different numbers. According to Net Worth Post, Motamed has a guesstimated net worth of a whopping $19 million.

Meanwhile, Vimbuzz claimed her assets to be around just $600,000. Hence it is difficult to keep a tally of the variety of numbers until and unless Motamed herself gives precise information regarding her bank accounts.