Anna Castillo Pareja Partner Lara Blanco Bio

Lara Blanco is a Los Angeles-based photographer and creative. 

Lara's interest in photography began when she was a child and was encouraged to "capture images with her eyes" before purchasing a camera.

Lara has been honing her craft through technical training and taking photographs from worldwide for over a decade.

She recently earned a Bachelor of Science in Photography with a minor in marketing from Drexel University. Lara has the skills to bring any client's idea to life after a decade of development and education.

More recently known as the partner of Anna Castillo, Lara has already worked with Anna in two series, 'The Call' and 'I'm Alive.'

Anna Castillo Pareja Partner Lara Blanco Net Worth

Lara Blanco's net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $250,000. Her career as a cameraman has helped her earn a lot of money and lead a lavish life.

Meanwhile, Anna Castillo has a massive net worth of around $1 million - $5 million.

Anna is one of the most popular actresses in the Catalan region. This has helped her amass many fan followers and helped her significantly earn a lot of money.

Both of them being involved in the film industry, the pair are frequently seen visiting exotic places and trying various cuisines.

Currently, they live in New York, USA.

Anna Castillo Pareja & Lara Blanco Instagram

Lara Blanco can be found on Instagram under the username @laracossack. She has 876 followers and has 388 posts on her Instagram.

She has kept her Instagram private, and thus much information cannot be obtained. However, we can have a sneak peek of her life through Anna Castillo's Instagram.

Anna goes by the username @nanitita and has 428 K followers with 1.5 K posts. Most of the posts are about the day-to-day life spent by Anna and Lara.