Missing: Where Is Howie Long Today Now?

Howie Long is missing from the eyes of his fans and followers as of now and his fans are curious to know where is he today or now. 

We have explored his whereabouts in this article and tried to trace the former Raiders player for our readers. 

Howie has not shared his whereabouts on the internet or his fans and followers for some time now but he is not missing currently. 

He is also not so active on his social media accounts, in fact, his social media accounts are not available to the general public as of now. 

Similarly, the answer to the question where is Howie Long today is not available just yet, there is no information about him available on the internet. 

However, we can be sure that the football analyst is not missing as there are no reports about Howie going missing available on the internet yet. 

Howie Long Surgery And Health Update 2021

Howie Long went on surgery back when he was playing for the Raiders. 

The tale of his surgery dates back to November 18, 1986, as he had to go to the hospital to get pooling blood in the muscle bruise just above his left knee drained, according to LA Times. 

There were no complications and he returned to the field after a short break but he was at the hospital draining blood from his wound three times in a span of a week. 

Information about his recent surgeries has not come into the limelight, most probably he has not had any surgeries recently. 

Likewise, Howie seems to be healthy as there is no information about him falling ill or being treated for any disease available to the general public. 

He has also not shared anything about his illness yet, implying he is healthy and fit in the year 2021. 

Who Is Howie Long Wife? Family Details 

Howie Long is married to his wife Diane Addonizio. 

The couple tied their knot back in the year 1982 according to his Wikipedia page, after falling in love during their freshman year. 

Their romance continue for three years as girlfriend-boyfriend before they decided to walk down the aisle. 

Talking about his family, Howie and Diane share three children, their sons are named Chris Long, Kyle Long, and Howie Jr. all of them are involved in football. 

He also has a sibling named Ann Marie Long, but the information about his parents has not come to the surface as of now.