Mike Thomas's Age: How Old Is Justin Thomas Dad?

Mike Thomas is currently 62 years old. The golf player was born on 15 October 1959. His son Justin had posted online about the birthday celebration of his father.

Despite his age, he is still playing golf and participating in different championships.

He still loves the game. Not only does he plays golf but also teaches his son to be the best golf player of all time.

Mike Thomas Wikipedia

The information of Mike is yet to be available on the official page of Wikipedia.

Mike Thomas is the coach of his son Justin Thomas. Mike has followed the legacy of his father of playing golf which has been followed by Justin as well. The three generations of the same family are golf players.

Mike's father Paul Thomas, was a lifelong teaching pro and made the 1960 PGA Championship cut and played in PGA tour championships.

In September 2021, Mike was diagnosed with a blood clot in his lungs but recovered soon after surgery.

Mike is married to his wife Janice Thomas and has been married for almost 33 years. There are only three members in his family, Mike, his wife, and his son Justin.

Mike Thomas's Net Worth

The net worth of the golf player is about $2 million. He has earned a fortune from his career as a golf player and a head professional at Kentucky Harmony Landing Country Club. 

His participation in various championships and tours has made up his wealth.

Mike had played golf every single day and was a pro. Mike was a player of the year 10 to 12 times in the Southern Ohio section. Mike is proud of his son Justin who is doing something that he has a passion for.

Thomas does a lot of charity work and also runs a huge AJGA event at their club, the Justin Thomas Junior Championships.