Melissa Leong Ex-Husband, Joe Jones

Joe is an owner and a chef of Romeo Lane Cocktail Bar in Melbourne, Australia.

He is a trained chef from France with specializations in pastry and bartending. 

The two big foodies met for the first time at the same bar, and after 18 months, they met again at an event. They started to talk and get along and finally ended dating each other. 

Just three months into the relationship, the couple got engaged in 2017. After two months, they eloped to the Joshua Tree National Park in California, where they tied the knot. 

In an interview with TV Week in June 2020, Leong was asked about getting married after dating for only five months, to which she replied, " When you know, you know." 

When Melissa shared a glimpse of her tattooed husband for the first time, her fans went crazy over how charming his personality was and that anyone would love to be a part of their family. 

Melissa Leong sipping coffee with ex husband Joe Jones
Melissa Leong sipping coffee with ex husband Joe Jones

Reason Why The Pair Split In 2020

The couple seemed to be quite contented with their marriage. Jones also has made a special appearance in an episode of Masterchef Australia alongside his wife. 

Leong shared a sweet note for her husband on Instagram following the episode. "Shoutouts to my awfully hot husband for being a legend and agreeing to be on Masterchef with me.", she wrote. 

But right before Christmas 2020, the stunning food critic announced the split of her four-year-long relationship.

According to Jones, because of the hectic shoot schedules of his former wife, the duo started to have issues. Their commitment to work and their career left a mark on their relationship. 

Melissa Leong Is A Food Critic and TV Personality

Melissa (40) is a bubbly television host, radio presenter, freelance food and travel writer, marketer, and food critic. 

Melissa Leong Food Critic and Masterchef Judge Looking Stunning.
Melissa Leong Food Critic and Masterchef Judge Looking Stunning.

Born in Sydney, she is famous for hosting MasterChef Australia along with her co-hosts, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen. With over 306K followers on Instagram, she consistently feeds people with her food blogs. Her Instagram handle is @fooderati. She has collaborated with Coca-Cola, Nokia, LG, and Time Out Sydney. 

Further, she has been regarded as Who's Sexiest Person 2020 by Who magazine in its November issue.

Leong has always been open about her mental health. She revealed that she suffered from depression and autoimmune disease. However, she has not let her mental conditions hamper her work. 

She is currently in a relationship with Morris Motley Men's Haircare and Fragrance Company owner Rob Mason.

The two started seeing each other when the latter replied to her texts. After nine months of breaking up with her ex-husband, the Australian judge looks like she found her love in Rob.