Meet The Child Actor Danny Corbo: Know About His Parents And Family

Meet The Child Actor Danny Corbo: Know About His Parents And Family

Danny Corbo is an American Young actor making his debut in the film industry in 2011. Danny was born in Rhode Island, USA, and he has a twin brother named Sonny, who looks like him, and an older brother Frankie. As a young artist and working in Hollywood, his artwork has been released in English-language movies.

With his two brothers, he was seen in the American series named Man v. Food: Providence in 2011 though the series was released in 2008 with Adam Richman. The twin brother then gets their debut in movies in 2013. Both of them were the age of 5 and auditioned for American Hustle and got selected. Besides these movie-related topics, he can be found staying active in a swim, gymnastics, wrestling, and running around with their dog Captain America at his home.

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Name Danny Corbo
Gender Male
Height 4’6″
Profession Actor
Parents Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence
Siblings Sonny , Frankie

Danny Corbo Age, Wiki, and Height

He may be in his early teens; however, his exact date of birth and age are missing for now. Corbo is not featured in Wikipedia and only available in IMDB. He is a young Hollywood star with a height of around 4 feet 6 inches, and weight is not available.

Know About His Parents: Is He Dating With Someone?

Corbo’s parents’ name is private for now and is not available. However, apart from his parents’ details, he has two brothers.

He is single and not dating anyone. As there are no rumors about his relationship as most of his news is based on movies and series.

Find Him On Social Media

He is not available on any social media except Instagram. On Instagram, he is available as @corboboys, and he enriches more than 105 followers on the platform. Most of his social media posts feature pictures with his brother.