Matte Osian Wikipedia:

Despite his popularity in the film industry, Matte is not mentioned on the standard Wikipedia page. 

However, several other internet web resources, such as the IMDB, have well-documented the American actor, including his brief history.

The famous American actor is currently 28 years old. He was born on the 17th of March 1993. Osian successfully worked as an actor in different American series and movies for decades.

Some of the famous roles Matte Osian played are, "Enchanted", "Conspiracy", "The good wife" and so on. 

What is Matte Osian's net worth? His earnings and salary explored.

Osian is a great and successful actor who played many roles in different series. The estimated salary of Matte Osian is around $13 million. Most of his income is derived from his work in filming and theater industry. 

Osian's girlfriend Linda Emond one of the richest actress's net worth is around $1.5 million. Most of her income is derived from her acting career.

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Matte Osian's Partner:

Matte Osian is married to an American film and television actress, Linda Emond. 

Linda Emond is 62 years old American actress, she has received three Tony Award nominations for her role in Life (x) 3, Death of a salesman, and Cabaret.

Emond is still working actively in the entertainment industry and she is recently working on a new show Clara and a horse. 

Matte and Linda have been in a long-term relationship with no children until now. Both the couple is very private in the matter of their relationship. 


The famous American actor Matte Osian do not have any Instagram or any other social media accounts until now.