How Old Is Maddy Brum from Cheer? Her Age

Maddy is currently 19 years old in 2022.

She was born in May 2002 in Dracut, Massachusetts, and grew up in that town. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on May 22 every year.

The team promoter is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Regrettably, her most recent recorded weight nuances are not available.

Maddy appears to have dull earthy colored eyes and dark hair in the transferred photographs. She is not currently listed on Wikipedia's authority page.

Regardless, with her career progressing and growing fame, it won't take long for Wikipedia administrators to create a page for Maddy with her professional details and bio.

Is Barry Brodeur In Prison? Maddy Brum Father Update

In an emotional storytelling interview, Maddy Brum recalls her father, Barry Brodeur's, time in prison.

When asked why her father did not come to meet her in episode three of the series, she stated that her father was unable to leave Massachusetts for legal reasons.

Maddy went on to say that because her father was absent for the majority of her life, she did not grow up in a stable environment.

However, her father did call her on occasion to inquire about her whereabouts. Because Barry had committed a heinous offense, he was found guilty of rape and sentenced to life in prison.

Aside from that, more information about Barry will be revealed as the series progresses, as lovely Maddy may reveal more of his background.

Maddy Brum Mother Details

Maddy had a difficult childhood because she was fed and raised by her mother. Her mother's name is Otis, Nicole A.

Nicole worked as a contractor for Hanscom Air Force Base at Gemini Communication Ltd. She also works as the UMass Lowell Inn's Sales and Catering Coordinator. She has two younger sisters.

Maddy was financially insecure, but she found a way to attend cheerleading classes by being free and creative.

Brum has been a Navarro College cheerleader for three years in a row (2019, 2020, 2021).