What Is Luke Fickell Net Worth In 2021?

An American football coach, Luke is famous for his coaching style. He is also a former player with an excellent career history.  

Moreover, Fickell has accomplished many championships and awards that make him outshine among others. He started off his career as a graduate assistant at the University of Akron.  

Further, he works under the head coach of Ohio State and even got named "Assistant Coach of the Year." At present, he is the head coach of Cincinnati on the verge of shifting to Notre Dame. 

If taken a look into his professional life, he has had a remarkable career. Only in Cincinnati, his annual salary as a head coach got believed to be around $3.4 million. 

Considering all his accomplishments, Luke expected net worth must have been around millions. He has not disclosed the information yet, but it got estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million in 2021. 

Luke Fickell - Salary As The New Notre Dame Coach

Luke has once again become the most trending topic on the internet. With the retirement of the head coach of Notre Dame, the seat has been vacant for all the champions. 

With all things going on, the name of Luke suddenly grabbed everyone's attention. He got termed as the possible head coach for Notre Dame. 

As a replacement for the Notre Dame Head coach, the expected salary for the given position is around $7 million annually. If Luke were to get hired, then he might have earnings of that amount. 

Luke Fickell: How Rich Is He? 

Luke has lived off his life pretty comfortably. As one of the most prominent and successful head coaches, his lifestyle is fair. 

He lived in a big home with his wife and children. Fickell has yet to mention his wealth, so more insights are not available at the moment. 

Even so, considering his net worth and earnings, he could be known as one of the rich coaches.