The Satanic Temple: Does Lucien Greaves Have A Wife? Married Or Single

The Satanic Temple's co-founder Lucien Greaves seems to be single and doesn't have a wife yet. 

Apart from his profession, Greaves hasn't shared anything related to his relationship and dating life. He has been very keen on holding his professional ground.

Reportedly, there is no such news published that has claimed about his relationship matters. As of now, we assume that the public speaker is still single and isn't dating anyone in 2022. 

Lucien, however, has a Twitter account @luciengreaves with around 49.8k followers and around 17.8k tweets.

Details On Lucien Greaves Family

Lucien Greaves was born in the city of Detroit, Michigan, the United States, to his family. However, nothing much about his family, just as his parents could be accumulated at the time of composing. 

Apparently, there is tons of news published about him, but none of those articles have covered his personal life, which makes it even more difficult to learn.

Amid this, the social activist does have other names like Douglas Mesner and Douglas Misicko. 

A Look At Lucien Greaves' Wikipedia

Lucien Greaves has been featured on the official page of Wikipedia with a limited amount of information related to his professional life. 

Reflecting on his academic background, Greaves studied neuroscience with an emphasis on false-memory syndrome at Harvard University. 

At many universities throughout the United States, Lucien has spoken about Secularism, The Satanic Temple, and Satanism.

In addition, he also has been a featured speaker at a national conference which was hosted by the Secular Student Alliance, American Atheists, and the American Humanist Association. 

In the year 2019, Greaves was featured in "Hail Satan?" which was a documentary film about The Satanic Temple and religious belief.