What Happened To Lucien Greaves Eyes? Condition Explained

Lucien Greaves has dim vision because of cataracts that have obfuscated the focal point inside his right eye. It is generally normal for older individuals and can be revised surgically. They may likewise show up in younger people as well.

Due to cataracts, Greaves' vision is obscured. As cataracts fill in size, it mists a greater amount of your focal point and mutilates the light that goes through it.

Eventually, it could bring about more observable side effects. In the year 2016, Lucien tweeted a tweet regarding his eye and called it scarred, but also stated how happy he was to learn that his disfigurement might have the appearance of a fashion statement. 

Born in the city of Detroit, Michigan, in the United States, Lucien went to Harvard University and studied neuroscience with an emphasis on false-memory disorder. 

Lucien Greaves Eyes: Is It A Defect Or Mutation?

Lucien Greaves' eye might be a mutation and moreover, it's a cataract, which is a blurring of the eye's typically clear focal point. 

Seeing from a shady lens is like glancing through a cold or misted window for individuals who have cataracts. This disease can cause blurred vision, making it hard to peruse, drive a vehicle (particularly around evening time), or see the expression on the companion's face. 

Amid this, Greaves has spoken at colleges across the United States about The Satanic Temple, Secularism, and Satanism. He also has been a highlighted speaker at public meetings facilitated by the Secular Student Alliance and American Atheists. 

Similarly, he was instrumental in setting up the Protect Children Project, and numerous political shows and legitimate activities to raise awareness of social issues, including religious freedom and division of chapel and state.