Who Is Luc's Provost Partner?

lac's provost has a homosexual character She changes herself to a female.

Luc provost married Shirley Lamothe who's a homosexual.

Luc provost commonly most effective only lip-synchs the opening simply and brings her comedy talents. she once in a while favors her audience by singing live.

She is an author writing a weekly column newsmagazine.

In 2000, She posted a group of her columns entitled Tu vois ben qu'est folle She was obviously crazy at that time.

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How Much Is Luc Provost Net Worth?

Luc provost is a singer who has been appearing for 30 years as of  2017.  She once in a while occasionally favors her audience by live singing.

Luc provost's net worth was $3 million to $5 million Networth. Her Basic profit supply is on the whole from being a successful writer.

Her worth was estimated in 2021 at $1 Million-$5 million Approx and the total Net Worth at the moment year – is about $139,1 Million.

Her character of Mado Lamotte is one of the wax statues presented at the Grévin Museum in Montreal and owns more than 500 stage costumes designed by designer Daniel Serrurier 14.

 She launched her first solo comedy show, the One-Mado show. At the Gesu the first performance was held. In 2017, she presented the One-Mado-show 2.0 at the Ste-Catherine 1 theater.

How Old Is Luc Provost?

The singer, Author Luc provost is presently 57 years old. She was born on 16 April 1987. She is successfully leading herself in her profession.

She was born in Quebec Canada. She studied theatre on the  Université du Québec à Montréal, began his drag performance performance in 1987.

She celebrates her 30 years of career through a free show at the Parc des faubourgs in Montre in august 12,2017

Luc provost is active on Instagram  (@madolamotte) .where we will discover  14.2k followers,144 followers, and 728 posts.