Laurine Betz

Laurine Betz

Laurine Betz is a popular blogger. She is famous on the major social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. She currently has more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

Facts About Laurine Betz

  1. Laurine Betz girlfriend/boyfriend, wife, husband, partner information is missing now.
  2. Laurine Betz age is around 30 years old. His birthday or date of birth is unknown.
  3. Betz is around 5 feet 8 inches tall. But, the exact measurements are not confirmed.
  4. Laurine has a lovely parents and has a great family bonding.
  5. No any information on Laurine Children/Kids is obtained to date.
  6. Laurine Betz net worth ranges from $100 thousand to $1 Million dollars. The exact details on Laurine net worth and salary will be updated once it will be verified from the reliable sources.

Social media personalities are presently one of the most influential professionals. They have amassed millions of followers on their respective media platforms.

Among these professionals, Betz is one of the leading personalities on Instagram. Her most recent pictures are of her wedding snaps.

Her blogs and Insta posts are centered on fashion. She also has a YouTube channel with more than 200 thousand followers. Her beauty travelogues and personal testimonials get thousands of likes on social media platforms.

She is one of the most influential digital fashion players. Her blog is now a profitable brand and has branched out along the way with design collaborations.

She joined Twitter in 2009. She has already amassed more than 87 thousand followers on the platform. The account has not been active for a while.

Here, we have collected some more facts regarding the Brazilian media personality. Read below to find out more about her career and her relationship details.

Laurine Betz Age, Birthday, Date of Birth

According to, Laurine Betz is 30 years old. 

Laurine Betz Wikipedia, Bio

There isn’t a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. Laurine Betz has relatively kept the info about her early life and childhood away from the spotlight.

Although she is one of the popular personalities on the Internet, there is very little info available about her parental background and her early life.

She posts frequent beauty tutorials, travelogues, and personal testimonials on her YouTube channel. She posted her most recent YouTube video four days ago. Moreover, her videos get thousands of likes on a regular basis.

Glamour Spain and Vogue Japan named her one of the world’s most influential bloggers recently. She has posted more than 15 thousand times on her Instagram. There, she follows over 1 thousand other accounts.

There is a Twitter account dedicated to her. However, the account has been inactive since December of 2018. This account might be fake.

Laurine Betz Net Worth Details

No sites provide official details about her current net worth. Her fans have suggested that she probably has her net worth in millions.

Laurine Betz Boyfriend, Married, Husband

Laurine Betz married her husband John Ross in Uberlandia, Brazil. Her wedding dress reportedly took over 10 months to create. Additionally, the wedding took place in the same church that she was baptized in.

Laurine Betz Family, Parents

Only the couple’s close family members attended the ceremony. After the wedding, Laurine Betz commented: “I felt so blessed and grateful to have all my family around me celebrating my wedding to John. I can’t wait to continue the celebrations and enjoy with friends to celebrate our marriage”.

Laurine Betz Instagram, Youtube Channel

Here is a short Bio that we have prepared for her career so far.

She is a 30-year old social media personality from Brazil. Moreover, she studied Image Consulting at Instituto Marangoni in Paris.

She has also released her blog which has amassed an audience of more than 5 million unique readers every month. Furthermore, the site has five employees at present.

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