Klaus Schwab Arrested: What Did WEF Chairman Do?

Klaus Schwab was arrested at his home in Cologny, Switzerland yesterday.

The WEF Chairman is now charged with fraud for the crimes he reportedly committed during the Covid-19 pandemic. His lawyer is yet to come forward with any details regarding his arrest and plea for the time being. 

There's not much-known info about the arrest until now. Neither the Police nor Schwab's representatives have made a statement. He reportedly committed several counts of fraud and is currently held under custody. 

We will update more about his arrest details as soon as the information comes out. 

Klaus Schwab Wife And Family

Klaus Schwab is married to his longtime partner, Hilde Schwab. 

According to various reports, Hilde is a co-founder of Schwab Foundation for Social Entreprenuership. The two of them have appeared together in a lot of conferences and meetings. 

The family often donates to the charity all around the world. No facts are available regarding his children for the time being. 

Klaus Schwab Wikipedia Bio

Klaus Schwab has a well-dedicated Wikipedia biography as he is one of the most renowned economists. 

Born and raised in Germany, the 82-year-old served as the professor of Business Policy at Geneva Universoty for more than 30 years. He found the forum in 1971 which was initially known as European Management Forum. It is now called the WEF.

Moroever, Klaus Schwab has received seventeen honorary doctorates until now. Besides, he has been in the receiving end of several awards and honors as well. 

However, the 83-year-old faces a totally different scenario right now. He is currently under custody and might possibly see a jail time for fraud.  He reportedly committed alleged crimes during the time of the pandemic.