Kevin Samuels's dating life: Who are his Ex-wives? 

Kevin Samuels was first married to his high school sweetheart, whom he had known since 4th grade, but their marriage lasted only a year.

Samuel has one daughter with his first wife. Like any relationship, they had their ups and downs, but more was going on inside, leading to their divorce. According to him, getting married wasn't a good idea as they were better as friends than as a couple.  

Seven years later, he remarried. This time his marriage lasted for three years. He didn't have any children with his second wife.

According to him, the marriage ended due to “irreconcilable issues.” He said that he has no hard filling toward any of his ex-wife and wish them the best of luck in life.

Samuels was a very private person and didn't disclose much information about his life because, for this reason, the name of his ex-wife and daughter is unknown.  

Kevin Samuels Girlfriend, Brittany Renner

The speculation of Brittany and Kevin dating started flying around when they were spotted together in an Instagram video in November 2021. They were spotted in Atlanta, Georgia, on a shopping date. 

Brittany Renner is an Instagram model, and she also used to play soccer for Jackson State. She even won a SWAC championship at Jackson State University. She was Kevin Samuels's rumored girlfriend. 

Kevin Samuel's Cause Of Death

The dating Guru was reported dead on May 5 after suffering from chest pain. According to the Atlanta Police department, he collapsed on top of the woman he met that day and spent the night with.

She called 911 from Sameul's apartment after feeling severe chest pain. The name and the identity of the girl he was with haven't been disclosed. 

When the medical personnel reached the apartment, he was found unconscious on the floor. He was then sent to Piedmont Hospitals for assessment after EMS performed CPR on him. 

Kevin Samuels's mother, Beverly Samuels- Burch confirmed his death on NBC after rumors of his death circulated on social media.