Justin Verlander's Age: How old is he? 

Verlander, currently aged 39, was born on February 20, 1983. He was born in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, where he grew up with his parents and his younger brother, Ben Verlander.

As a child, Justin was sent to Richmond Baseball Academy by his parents, where he discovered his talent for baseball at an early age. 

Verlander's growth as a baseballer boosted significantly while he played as a pitcher for the baseball team at Old Dominion University.

At the age of 20, he set a single-season school record in 2003 with 139 strikeouts and broke his own record the following year with 151 strikeouts, giving him the title of all-time strikeout leader in the history of the university. 

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How much does Justin Verlander earn? His Salary and Net Worth

Justin Verlander's net worth in the year 2022 is estimated to be $150 million, and his annual salary is $33 million, where he makes around $3 million per month,  according to celebritynetworth.com.

He earns his living primarily through baseball and sometimes is also seen engaged in promotional and charitable activities.

Due to the unexpected surgeries he had to undergo, his absence in the last season has caused him to miss out on further contract extensions.

However, with the finalization of his 2-year contract with the Houston Astros of $25 million for the year 2022, he has also been offered a conditioned $25 million player option for the year 2023, as per the official news by MLB.

Who are Justin Verlander's parents? What do they do?

Justin was born as the eldest son of Theodore, also known as Richard, and Kathy Verlander.

The couple is collectively known as the authors of "Rocks Across the Pond: Lessons Learned, Stories Told", where they have shared a detailed description of both the son's journey and experience of over two decades in the field of baseball, starting from the Little League Baseball to the Major League Baseball. 

His father is active on Twitter as @Verlanderdad, where he last shared a picture of both his sons at home together with their parents in November 2015.

The couple currently live in Goochland, Virginia, as mentioned on the father's Twitter profile.  

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Follow Justin Verlander on Instagram

Justin Verlander is active with his presence on Instagram, with 785k followers.

The baseballer has shared about 841 photos of his personal and professional life on his Instagram profile @justinverlander, where he is seen to enjoy life with his wife Kate, lovely daughter Genevieve, nicknamed Vivi, and his two boxer pups, Norman and Harley.

He also shares his deep passion for expensive cars that he uses to interact with his followers by asking them to guess the car brand and model.