Mariella Balbi Biographia

Born on 28 July 1955, Mariella Balbi is currently 66 years old. Despite being one of the well-known journalists in Latin America, Mariella does not seem to have been featured on Wikipedia Biographia.

However, she is still well known on the internet for her works and as a successful journalist. 

Journalist Mariella Balbi
Journalist Mariella Balbi

Balbi left her state for a Psychology course nit returned home without completing it. She wasn't so sure about Journalism in the beginning. 

But in 1986, she officially started her professional career in journalism. She appeared in TV news reports and worked in the local newspaper publishing as well.

She had had a wide range of experience in the field of journalism during her 33 years of career working in cooking, sports, news, and many more areas.

Where is Mariella Balbi Working Now?

She has not been active in the journalism sector, but she has been writing books for a fast few years. Balbi wrote a book named "Szyszlo: Travesía" which was published by Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), Peru in 2019.

You may not have seen Mariella Balbi for some time now as a journalist. However, recently, she was seen in the CanalB show. This was a long-awaited appearance of Mariella Balbi in the journalism industry.

Here Balbi is seen making a public appearance after a long time in the #BaellaTalks series with Alfonso Baella. 

Marialla Balbi Family

Very less to no news is known about Mariella Balbi's personal life. Apart from her birth date, Mariella has not revealed any personal information about her family.

Even while working as a journalist in the public eye, Mariella Balbi's family has always stayed in the shadows. 

There has been no news about her marriage or kids to date. Rumors about Mariella Balbi being close to Director Felipe Degregori rose once upon a time. However, those rumors led us to nothing more. 

Similarly, she has stayed off social media all this time. We have not been able to find her on any social media platforms. Anyway, we hope she is living her social media-free life happily. 

Mariella Balbi's Net Worth

Mariella Balbi has had a long run as a journalist, author, and writer. She worked in the field for 33 long years and published just as many books as a writer.

So, we can say that she had a very successful career. However, there are no disclosures about Mariella Balbi's net worth. 

Mariella Balbi net worth
Mariella Balbi net worth

It would be no surprise if her net worth would be more than a few million. On average, a successful Peruvian journalist writer has a net worth of around $8 million. 

Hence, we can guess that Mariella Balbi's net worth must be around or even more than $8 million with all the success she had in her life.