Learn about Joaquina Kalukango Background & Ethnicity

The ethnicity & background of Joaquina Kalukango are considered to be American-African and she belongs to the black race.

Kalukango follows the Christian religion. Kalukango's educational background suggests that she completed her high school at The Juilliard School. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting degree.

Joaquina Kalukango Biography

The biography of Joaquina Kalukango suggests that she is a 34-year-old American model and actress.

Kalukango has been seen working in many films, short films, series, and most importantly, theater plays and acting. Her plays include Holler If Ya Hear Me, The Color Purple, Godspell, and more.

Joaquina was born in Atlanta, Georgia on March 5, 1989. She started her career in the early 2010s, working in different musical productions. Recently, Kalukango won the Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her performance in Slave Play. 

Joaquina in her act Slave Play
Joaquina in her act Slave Play

Kalukango is famous for her acting skills in horror, dramas, and fantasy series. She is very famous for her appearance in a series called Lovecraft in 2020. Apart from this, Joaquina has made her appearances in One Night in Miami, Lovecraft Country, Instinct, and so on. 

Joaquina has also made her appearance in a Netflix series called 'When They See Us."

Net Worth Of Joaquina Kalukango

In 2021, the estimated net worth of Joaquina Kalukango was approximately $3 million.

Kalukango has been earning a good sum of money from her acting career in TV series, movies, and short films.

As per various sources, she is calculated to have a monthly income of $200k. 

The Family Of Joaquina Kalukango

The family of the American actress Joaquina Kalukango includes her father, Jack Kalukango, and her mother, Florentina Kalukango.

Joaquina's parents were very proud of her when she won the Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical for her performance in Slave Play. The family details of Joaquina are not disclosed properly, but Kalukango always remembers her family for the support and love they offer. 

Joaquina Kalunkango with her award
Joaquina Kalunkango with her award

Talking about her love life, she is in a deeply committed relationship with Christopher Horton.