Jimmy Tarbuck Age: How Old Is He?

Jimmy Tarbuck, a successful singer, and comedian is currently, 82 years of age. He was born on February 6, 1940. 

He was born in Wavertree, Liverpool and he attended Dovedale Primary School there. He was a schoolmate of John Lennon in that school. 

Jimmy Tarbuck's Parents: Who are his parents?

Jimmy Tarbuck was born to Ada McLoughlin and Joseph Fredrick Tarbuck. He also has an older brother along with him in the family. 

Jimmy's parents, Ada McLoughlin and Joseph Fedrick Tarbuck got married to each other in March 1947. 

Jimmy Tarbuck's Wife: Who is he married to?

Jimmy Tarbuck married Pauline in 1959. He is still married to Pauline and they are currently living in Coombe, Kingston upon Thames, London. 

They have a son, James, and two daughters, Liza, and Cheryl. Cheryl was born in 1960, Liza was born in 1964, and James was born in 1968. 

Among his three children, Liza is very popular. Liza was born on November 21, 1964, and she is an English actress. She is also a television and radio presenter. 

Liza trained at the National Youth Theatre and RADA from where she graduated in 1986.

Liza graduated alongside Mark Womack, Rebecca Pidgeon, and Clive Owen. 

Jimmy Tarbuck's Health: Is he sick?

Jimmy Tarbuck turned 82 years old this year and recently, he suffered from prostate cancer. 

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in 2020.

But more recently, he was back in hospital in January 2022, having a cancerous mole removed from his back. 

When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2020, he had said that he was going to try and beat it. 

Jimmy also requested all people above 50 years of age have their prostate checked regularly. 

He took injections and tablets daily after his diagnosis.

He started taking medicines in February 2020 and by August, he was having good reports from the medical team. 

Recently, he revealed that he is free of cancer for now, but he still has to take tablets for his prostate.