Who Is Jason Sugarman? Meet Heidi Planck Boss

Jason Sugarman is one of the heads of Camden Capital Partners L.L.C.

He is reported to have a whopping 20 years of experience in finance, per his now-deleted LinkedIn profile.

Aside from his financial knowledge, he is still under investigation by the U.S.U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for a $43million fraud scheme.

He became a person of interest to the S.E.C. in 2019 after he swindled $43million out of pension funds and left a Native American tribe $60million in debt, reports Daily Mail U.KU.K.

Sugarman again garnered accusations of Heidi's ex-husband, Wayne, after he tried to retrieve Heidi's work laptop from Wayne.

Wayne believes that Sugarman is probably linked with Heidi's month-long mysterious disappearance.

Moreover, he has recently captured the police's attention as he left a box of muffins outside Heidi's house.

Sugarman had initially not reacted to Heidi's disappearance news but now has shocked everyone with his 'gift.'

Jason Sugarman Age Revealed

Jason Sugarman's current age appears to be in his 50s by scanning through his pictures. However, we have yet to acquire the exact details of his birthday as of yet.

Meanhwile, his notable employee, Heidi is 39 years old at the time of her disappearance.

Meet Jason Sugarman Wife

Jason Sugarman is a married man who has not disclosed his wife's identity and her whereabouts at the moment.

It is for sure that the finance head is a family guy but also a devoted careerman to the American finance sector.

Jason Sugarman Net Worth Discovered

Sugarman's net worth figures, without a doubt, fall around the multi-millionaire status.

Even so, the notorious finance-magnate has not come close to revealing any information regarding them.

Is Jason Sugarman A Suspect?

Mr. Sugarman has not been ruled out as a suspect of Heidi's disappearance at the moment though he has faced accusations by Heidi's ex-husband.

His recent doings at Heidi's house indeed hints at his connection to Heidi. However, not much can be said about the incident, as Jason has yet to state his intentions behind his 'gift.'