Who are Jarrius Robertson's Parents?

Jordy Robertson and Patricia Hoyal are the parents of Jarrius Robertson. He grew up with his brother, Tiy Quan Robertson.

Garyville, Louisiana, is where Jarius's father Jordy Robertson was born and raised. Jordy was a high school senior when his girlfriend Patricia became pregnant with a baby and gave birth to Jarrius, their son. 

Jordy was arrested in October of 2018. Wire fraud, witness threats, and cocaine distribution were among the charges he was found guilty of.

The youngster, Jarrius Robertson, stated that he still loves his father, but that he felt sad for others who had been harmed by his father's acts.

Jarrius Robertson Wikipedia Biography

Jarrius Robertson is a New Orleans native who rose to fame as a result of his enthusiastic support for the New Orleans Saints.

When he hit a shot in the waning minutes of the 2017 NBA Celebrity All-star match, he became a sensation. 

Robertson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 26, 2002. Jerrius Robertson is a well-known and prominent celebrity who is known for being a Jarrius Robertson.

Jarrius Robertson, as of 2018, is 16 years old. Jarrius Robertson is on the list of well-known Jarrius Robertson.

Jarrius Robertson's Net Worth Revealed

Advertisers pay a particular sum for each post they make through Jarrius's Instagram account, which has more than 190k followers.

The average engagement rate of Jarrius's followers on each of his posts is 0.20 percent, based on his last 15 posts. As a result, he makes around $551.25 and $918.75 on average.

Thus, assessing his net worth by analyzing all of his revenue streams, as described above, over time, Jarrius Robertson's estimated net worth is between $150K and $1 million.

Is Jarrius Robertson Sick?

Jarrius Robertson is a 20 years old boy suffering from biliary atresia, a chronic liver illness.

As stated in his bio on his foundation's website, he has several operations,'' It Takes Lives to Save Lives."

He also underwent a liver transplant when he was barely one year old, which resulted in complications that put him in a coma for "near to a year."