Anderson Paak Wife: Jae Lin

Jae Lin is Anderson Paak's second wife. 

He was previously married to a woman he met in church, back in 2007. However, their marriage only lasted a couple of years with a child.

The couple first met at California music school where Anderson worked as a music teacher and Jae Lin was a music student. 

Further, they got married in 2011, the same year they had their first child, Soul Rasheed. They welcomed their second child, a daughter in 2018. 

Jae Lin Ethnicity & Nationality

RegardingJae Lin's ethnicity, she belongs to Asian descent. 

She hails from South Korea and also holds Korean nationality. On the other hand, Anderson was born on February 8, 1986, at St John's Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California. In addition, he is of mixed African American and Korean heritage.

Apparently, Anderson's mother was born in South Korea during the Korean War to a Korean woman who was a farmer and an African American soldier. She was initially raised by her Korean grandparents, before being placed in an orphanage and then later adopted by an American family who lived in Los Angeles.

Jae Lin Parents Revealed 

Jae Lin's parent's details have not yet been disclosed. 

As mentioned above, Jae prefers to stay low-key, and therefore not much is known about her.  Similarly, Anderson Paak has not disclosed his parents' names too perhaps because of the turbulent lives he had during his childhood.

At a very young age, he witnessed his father attack his mother for which his father was jailed. Likewise, his mother was also criminally convicted of major fraud while he was in his senior year of high school. 

Is Jae Lin On Instagram?

Jae Lin is not active on Instagram. 

Not only on Instagram but also she does not seem to be active on any social media platform. Meanwhile, you can find her husband Anderson on Instagram under the handle @anderson._paak

He has amassed 2.6 million followers to date.