Jacob Batalon's Race And Ethnic Background Exposed

Jacob's ethnic background is Filipino. He was raised by his Filipino parents in a typical Filipino household. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Though he was born in the Philippines, the actor holds an American nationality. 

Batalon attended Kapi'olani Community College to study music theory but later dropped it and joined New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. He attended a two-year program to study acting. He has a bachelor's degree in theatre.

Being a Filipino, he didn't speak the Tagalog language but can understand every word. He likes going to parties, singing karaoke, and having a good time.

Jacob used to watch a Filipino channel called TFC while he was young. 

Jacob Batalon's Parents: Who Are They?

The information on his Filipino parents is not known. He has hidden the information about his parents from the media.

The actor has seven half-siblings, a brother and a sister from his mother's side, and three brothers and two sisters from his father's side.

He had only once visited the Philippines when he was four years old.

In 2014, he had played the role of James in a romantic fantasy drama 'Every Day" where a teen girl traveling spirit wakes up in a different body every day. He was one of the bodies inhabited by the spirit. He had also stared in a comedy horror film 'Blood Fest' in the same year.

The actor also appeared in The True Don Quixote Dish, Night School, and Let It Snow.

Jacob is in high demand and has various projects lined up. Despite being famous, he is a down-to-earth and kind person.

Batalon has an Instagram account with 2.3M followers.